mandarin haze

The cannabis industry is a huge industry, and with millions of people regularly using cannabis, there is a lot of potential for cannabis marketing jobs. There are many different types of positions in the cannabis industry. Depending on the type of position, one might have a more laid back work environment, or a more intense… Continue reading mandarin haze

white widow strain

Have you ever thought of putting up a cannabis art show in your city or town? The laws against displaying cannabis and marijuana paraphernalia is very strict these days. Hence, it is also not possible for many people to openly display cannabis art in their homes. However, there are ways and means by which one… Continue reading white widow strain

growing cannabis from seed

For those who have recently heard about the cannabis University program, you are probably wondering what the fuss is all about. The program is a non-profit educational initiative that trains students in the many facets of cannabis culture. They will learn about marijuana from experts in the field including doctors, accountants and bankers. Additionally, they… Continue reading growing cannabis from seed

zensation strain

When it comes to hydroponics, there are basically three main methods that can be used for growing cannabis outdoors: drip-fed, water-based and air-based. Drip-fed hydroponics systems work by spraying water up through a tube system that ultimately empties directly into the grower’s reservoir, generally on the top of the plant. The run-off from the system… Continue reading zensation strain

amnesia haze seeds

Hash oil, sometimes also called hashish oil or cannabis oil, is the concentrated extract of hashish or cannabis. It’s a pure cannabis concentrate, usually containing several of its main extracts particularly, cannabidiol, terpenes, and others. The compound composition of hashish or cannabis oil varies from producer to producer, but generally contains up to 90% THC,… Continue reading amnesia haze seeds

cbd seeds

A few weeks ago I made the decision to try cannabis butter. I was apprehensive about trying this herb because I’ve heard that it has some serious side effects and I thought it might cause damage to my system. I did, however, want to lose weight and for this reason alone, I decided to give… Continue reading cbd seeds