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The cannabis industry is a huge industry, and with millions of people regularly using cannabis, there is a lot of potential for cannabis marketing jobs. There are many different types of positions in the cannabis industry. Depending on the type of position, one might have a more laid back work environment, or a more intense work environment. It really comes down to choosing what type of work would be best for you. Here are some positions in the cannabis industry that are currently available:

Advertising positions are great work positions in the industry because they allow the person to get the experience needed to go into more complex positions. If one desires to go into marketing as a job, it would be wise to begin interning at an advertising agency or four-figure affiliate program. These positions usually require some very specific qualities such as creativity, business acumen, and marketing experience.

A great position for those who like to enjoy cannabis but do not smoke it themselves, is the position of the bud manager. A bud manager is responsible for scheduling clients, purchasing supplies, and interacting with customers to ensure that each transaction goes smoothly. This position also requires the ability to keep marijuana fresh in the client’s mind and the ability to sell weed to clients who do not purchase from the company themselves. A great example of a this type of position is the manager of a sports club or college recreational marijuana facility.

Marketing is another important position in the cannabis industry. A job in marketing is similar to that of an account manager. However, instead of selling marijuana, the person handles all of the communications, promotions, sales, and branding for the marijuana company. A successful candidate for this type of position should have great communication skills and marketing skills. One should be creative and able to sell products effectively using multiple outlets.

Lastly, a job within the industry can be found in the education sector. Many schools are starting to offer classes that focus on educating students about marijuana and the benefits of legal marijuana use. These classes can be found at community colleges and at colleges that are part of the Partnership for Drug Education. Students who learn about the medicinal benefits of marijuana can use their knowledge to advocate for changes in legislation regarding the plant.

cannabis marketing jobs are available everywhere. A person simply needs to be looking for a way to turn their passion for this plant into an actual paying job. There are many different companies that hire experienced individuals to run their marijuana departments. The best way to find these jobs is by networking with other individuals who are interested in working in the cannabis industry.
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